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Psalm 23

June 4, 2009

This is the “famous one”. It is appropriate that it follows Psalm 22 because it continues the themes of confidence and commitment to the Lord God. It supposedly was written while David was fleeing Saul prior to his being recognized as Israel’s king. David associates God’s care for him to his caring for his father’s sheep. In other words:

Jesse, David’s father———————-God the Father

David, Jesse’s son————————-God the Son

Sheep—————————————-David and we who believe [Israel/Church]

Under the Son’s [Lord’s] care, there is no reason to be worried or concerned. The Lord sustains us physically with food and water. The Lord sustains us spiritually with His Presence. He leads us and directs us in righteousness, the path called His Will, so that His Name is glorified and made known.

Even when times are tough and not going according to our plans there is no need to fear. The Lord is with us to guide us and protect us. We can live with confidence even though enemies surround us and are waiting for a chance to attack. Certainly that is what Satan is doing with all who put their trust in the Lord. But we can be certain of the lord’s protection, the Lord’s provisions, the Lord’s goodness, the Lord’s love and kindness because HE values His sheep, His anointed ones; His children. Because the Lord is present in our lives and in our hearts, we have assurance of eternal life.

Therefore, we who belong to the Lord can live assured, live confidently, live committed to His Will, live joyfully, and live eternally. We live without fear because He, the Almighty, is with us. He is our redeemer [restorer] from sin [hurts, wounds, sickness] unto His Righteousness.

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