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Psalm 24

June 4, 2009

This is a psalm written by David in praise to God for who He is. Who is God? He is:

1. Creator of heaven and earth. [vs. 1-2]

2. Holy [vs. 3]

3. The only God worthy of worship. [vs. 4]

4. Available to those who are righteous. [vs. 4]

5. A blessing and a Savior to the righteous. [vs. 5]

6. Wanting to enter our hearts. [vs. 7,9]

7. Strong and mighty, the Almighty. [vs. 8,10]

8. The King of Glory. [vs. 10]

God is Creator. David acknowledges the Genesis account in Gen. 1:1 acknowledging the significance of water in the creation process.

God is Holy and desires fellowship with a holy people in holy worship of Him.

God promises to bless those who seek Him and to save them from sin.

God wants to come in and live with us. He knocks but we must open the door. The Lord’s dwelling place is no longer in a building but in the hearts of men who seek Him and who praise and worship Him.

God is the King of Glory and God Almighty. He created all things and rules all things. All worship is to be toward Him as Creator and Redeemer, as the only true Lord God Almighty. To seek Him is to focus our attention toward Him in praise, thanksgiving, and worship. Such is proper, reasonable and right. Seeking Him leads to righteousness.

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