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Psalm 27

June 4, 2009

This is a psalm expressing confidence in the Lord. As believers, we too can have this confidence as we learn to depend on Him. This psalm seems to express the commitment the psalmist made to the Lord in Psalm 22. This psalm is a personal testimony about David’s relationship with God [verses 1-6, 13, 14]. In the middle of his testimony [verse 7-12], David prays that what he is testifying in the present is true in the future.

Who is the Lord? [see Psalm 24] The Lord is his light, his salvation, and his protector. The Lord directs his life on earth, reveals his life eternal, is the source of his eternal life, and protects him from evil. He has no need to fear or worry because the Lord is with him. There is no need to worry when evil men attack and no need to fear when armies attack because he is confident in the Lord’s leading and directing. Even if following the Lord results in David’s demise or destruction, he is the victor because his salvation is of the Lord and he will dwell with the Lord forever. He will continue to look to the Lord for protection. He will not forsake praising and worshiping God because God is the only one able to save him from sin and from his enemies. Only God is able to give him victory thereby exalting him over sin and his enemies. The psalmist concludes his confidence in verses 13-14 and advises all who hear his testimony to wait on the Lord, to be patient, and to be faithful for the Lord is good.

David prays in verses 7-12 for God to hear his prayer, to continue His mercy, and to answer his prayer. He is focused on the Lord. His heart seeks the Lord. The Lord has been his helper. His sole desire is acceptance, not rejection, by his Lord. He asks for continued protection from his enemies and direction and knowledge concerning the Lord’s Will.

Praise the Lord for what He has done in your life. Ask the Lord to continue being involved in your life. Be patient and express confidence in the Lord’s leading. Be faithful to the Lord and His Will for the Lord is good. The Lord is good. He is our light, our salvation, and our protector. We need not fear.

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