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Psalm 28

June 4, 2009

The psalmist David calls on the Lord, his Rock, to hear his prayer. He is asking for help, mercy, and assurance that God is pleased with him. He comes before God with an attitude of humble worship acknowledging God is his Rock; faithful, steadfast, and an anchor of righteous truth and justice.

David wants to be different, to be known by God, from those he observes around him who say one thing and do another [hypocrites]. He wants to serve with integrity and honesty, love and kindness. He asks for God’s justice for all those who harbor malice and do evil. He is assured the Lord is and will deal with those who do not seek the Lord, who do not honor Him, who do not worship Him, and who do not acknowledge Him as Creator God. David desires to be known as God-fearing instead of God-forgetting. Therefore, he presents himself before God asking for help and mercy.

We too need to seek God’s mercy in all that we do. We need His strength and His help to do good and right. We need His mercy and forgiveness for the times we disobey and do wrong. We need to acknowledge that the Lord is God and we are His servants. We need to understand that ignoring God is the path to destruction.

God does hear our cry for mercy. Praise God! Relying on God assures us of his protection and His help. We are filled with joy because the Lord hears, the Lord understands, the Lord helps, and the Lord is strong. He is our salvation, our shepherd, and our guide. We are His sheep, His inheritance through His Annointed One, His Son, Jesus Christ. Let’s not ever stop praising and thanking the Lord for His goodness. His goodness is not just for the present but for eternity. May our hearts “leap for joy” because God is merciful to those who truly seek Him and place their trust in Him. He is worthy because He is our Rock too.

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