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Psalm 29

June 4, 2009

It would appear this psalm was written while watching a storm. The first two verses tell what we should give God. The last verse tells of what God gives us. Verses 3-10 equate the power of God as that depicted by a storm.

First we see that God deserves our attention. We are to note His mighty power, observe His glory, proclaim His name above all names, and worship Him. We are to worship Him with an air of reverence recognizing that He is strong and mighty. Our worship is to glorify His Name.

The Lord God has control of the waters; rain, rivers, oceans, etc. All is controlled by His voice, His Word. His voice is like thunder, majestic in nature. Trees break, buildings collapse, and people run. His voice is like the lightning. Fires start, forests are leveled, and animal run. The great storms depict in small ways the glory, power, and majesty of God. They bring new meaning to the term “fear God”. God was even at the center and in control of the flood during Noah’s time. He is King. He is Sovereign, and He is powerful.

But we who seek Him, we who are His people, need not fear. The Lord will give us strength, wisdom, discernment, protection, and purpose. The Lord will bless us with peace; peace with our neighbors, peace with other nations, and peace with Him. Peace with God is a result of seeking Him, knowing Him, relating to Him, trusting Him, fellowshiping with Him, worshiping Him, honoring Him, and obeying Him.

Peace and protection in the storms of life are possible by acknowledging God is powerful and sovereign over all things, by acknowledging He is the Creator God, by praising and glorifying His Name above all names, and by submitting to the King’s perfect will. Peace and protection come in the storms of life by being His people.

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