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Psalm 3

June 4, 2009

David writes this psalm with the feeling that “everyone is against me”. It’s a common feeling to have. Some of us may experience it only once while others may think it is a constant part of life. People will seek to do you harm when they disagree with you. They may disagree with you because you speak the truth or they may disagree with you because you do not speak the truth. In their disagreement they do not believe God will continue to rescue those who continue to put their trust in Him. But He does. He, God, does protect us which brings glory to us and to Him. Of course, protection assumes we are on the side of truth. If we are not on the side of truth, God will answer our cry for help with discipline.

Whether we ask correctly or not, God answers those who trust Him and who humbly cry out for help. We need not worry because God is in control. We are not to worry or fear. We are to trust Him. We can sleep because He cares, He supports, He encourages, He carries, and He sustains us who trust Him.

Blessings come from God, not man. He intervenes in our lives as He pleases to bring glory to His name. He not only blesses us but He blesses those around us. His blessings overflow.

So in times of trouble, our responsibility is to cry out, seek Him, rest in Him, trust Him, have faith in Him, rejoice in Him, worship Him, glorify Him, praise Him, and thank Him. His responsibility upon hearing us acknowledge Him as the true Almighty God is to sustain us, remove our fear, deliver us, and to bless us. Although this is easier to say than do, remember, God keeps His promises.

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