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Psalm 30

June 4, 2009

This is said to be a psalm written by David for the dedication of the temple. But it speaks volumes with respect to our relationship with God. David writes from a personal perspective.

Verses 1-3 speak of the Lord’s salvation. David praises the Lord for his salvation, his redemption, his healing [spiritual] from the grips of sin. God never fails to hear our prayer for help when we ask for His forgiveness and cleansing from sin.

Verses 4-5 exhort us to praise God for He is Holy. He [God] is angry toward our sin but He is quick to forgive and quick to redeem penitent sinners. True repentance leads to eternal life. God forgives, forgets, and abounds in grace and mercy. We are penitent in the darkness of sin but morning light comes quickly and all rejoice; God, His angels, His saints, and the penitent.

With redemption can come arrogance and pride [verses 6-7]. Be grateful for your salvation always. Never boast about it or take pride in it. We are unworthy. He gifted us through His only Son providing grace and mercy to all who seek and trust Him. Our relationship with the Lord is dependent on being humble before Him for all that He has done.

When we recognize pride has affected our relationship with God we are to cry out for His mercy and help. Failure to do so will destroy our relationship with the Lord and with others. Pride is our worst enemy. But the Lord is rich in mercy and is ready to come to our aid.

The Lord’s mercy and grace turns us from sadness to joy. Our penitence results in a joyful heart that is grateful to God. May we never stop rejoicing, praising, thanking, and singing about our Redeemer and Savior, the Lord God Jesus Christ. The Lord’s goodness gives us life, life eternal through His Son.

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