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Psalm 31

June 4, 2009

Even though he is hurting because of sin [self-inflicted wounds and/or the Lord’s discipline] David praises God, expresses his faith in God, and places his hope in God for his redemption. David is penitent for his sin and understands his personal circumstances are the result of the poor choices he has made. We see David’s faith in verses 1-8. We see David’s confession in verses 9-13. We see David’s hope in verses 14-22. And we see David’s proclamation in verses 23-24.

David’s Faith: David’s refuge is in God. He is counting on God’s righteousness to redeem him. His security is in God’s strength. He is anchored to God, the Rock, and submits himself to God’s will for deliverance. He recognizes the Lord ransomed Himself in order to redeem us [including David] for David knows the love of God and places his complete trust in God.

David’s Confession: David asks for God’s grace recognizing that his distress, his grief, his depression, his sorrow, his weak power, and his lack of influence is a direct result of his disobedience toward God. His health is gone [see Psalm 38] too. Therefore, David’s enemies are renewed and his friends flee. David has become isolated and alone. A coup is in the making and David senses it.

David’s Hope: David’s hope [trust] is in the Lord. The Lord God is still David’s only God. God will deliver him. God will save him. God will deal with his enemies. God hides and protects those who call upon him. God is love. God is David’s friend. God is listening to those who call upon Him.

David’s Proclamation: Never stop loving the Lord God because God is faithful. Be strong. Trust in the Lord. Hope in Him because He is faithful. God delivers on His promises to raise up those who call on Him and raze those who refuse to call on Him.

At times we all are troubled and disenchanted with our circumstances. Such is most likely because of sin in our lives. We have chosen to say or do something contrary to God’s Word. We must acknowledge our sin, confess it, repent, and express our faith and hope in God, our Redeemer. God is faithful and loving to all who humbly come before Him and call on His Name for help and for redemption. Live rejoicing and proclaim the power and goodness of God. He alone is worthy of our praise and worship.

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