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Psalm 32

June 4, 2009

The subject of this psalm is God’s forgiveness [verse 1-2]. The results of unforgiven sin are discussed in verses 3-4 and the means and blessing of forgiven sin is told in verses 5-7. The responsibility of being forgiven is laid out in verses 8-11. Thus we have our outline. This psalm is founded in David’s personal experience, perhaps after his sin with Bathsheba and the killing of her husband Uriah.

Being forgiven of your sin is a blessing from God. We ask for forgiveness, perhaps even daily, but do we thank Him for His forgiveness? God’s forgiveness of sin is His greatest gift. It is a blessing. As often as you ask forgiveness, thank Him for His forgiveness. Remember this.

Not seeking God’s forgiveness, being too proud to ask God’s forgiveness, being ignorant of your sin results in feelings of oppression and depression. Verses 3-4 can be interpreted literally and figuratively. Both are true. God disciplines those He loves and He does this many ways, through health [physical issues], through heavy hearts [emotional issues], and mental issues [lack of decisiveness and direction]. If you are experiencing any of these three, check in with the Lord for a “heart” check-up.

Forgiveness comes from the Lord by simply acknowledging your sin to Him, confessing your disobedience, admitting you are guilty, asking for God’s mercy, and accepting His forgiveness. We do this through prayer. We are to do this before our sin is so great that we drown. We come to faith in Christ by seeking Him and asking forgiveness, placing our faith in God’s gift, His Son who died that we may live. Our salvation is secure in Him as we continue to approach Him with an attitude of confession and thanksgiving. He will protect us and hide us from evil and from the Evil One. He will assure us of our redemption. We need not worry.

With the blessing of being forgiven comes responsibility. We are responsible to encourage others; to teach them, to counsel them, and to support them in their walk with the Lord. Satan attacks but God’s love is stronger and protects us from harm or from taking a wrong turn. Our life is that of rejoicing for He, God, has counted us as righteous. We are free from the condemnation of sin. We are free to sing praise to God. Praise Him daily.

In summary, confess your sin daily, thank Him daily, and praise Him daily. Doing so guarantees you will rejoice daily.

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