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Psalm 33

June 4, 2009

This is a psalm of praise to our Creator God, the creator of heaven and earth, sovereign over the nations, the creator of Israel, omniscient, Savior, protector, and loving upon whom we place our hope.

We are to sing joyful praise to the Lord. We are to praise the Lord using musical instruments proclaiming our joy. The Lord is the source of our joy and the inspiration of our joy. His joy is new every day. We are not to keep quiet but share His gift of joy. Praise God! Share God! Proclaim God! Why? Because the Lord’s Word is righteous and true and because the Lord is righteous, just and loving.

First, proof of the Lord’s attributes are found in His Creation. He created the heavens and the stars [Gen. 1:8, 14-19]. He controls the waters [Gen. 1:6-10]. He created all that is in the earth [Gen. 1:11-13, 20-33; Gen. 2:1-4]. The power to create came from His Word.

Second, God is sovereign over His Creation. He has a plan and a purpose and He remains faithful to His plan and His purpose. Part of God’s plan is for a people to be called His people, Israel/believers who are to inherit God’s riches.

Third, God is omniscient and all knowing. He knows our hearts and observes our actions along with our attitudes. He is interested in all that we say and do because He created each one of us. We are all created in His image. God has the power to save and destroy. We may be powerful in relation to each other but we are never more powerful than our Creator. God is omnipotent, the fourth proof.

Fifth, God is our Savior who grants eternal life to those who fear Him, whose hope is in Him, and who love Him. As Savior, He is also our protector, our lover to all who hope in Him, trust Him, wait upon Him, love Him, and rejoice in Him. That is true worship, [hoping, trusting, waiting, loving, and rejoicing in Him], a worship pleasing to God Almighty, Creator of all and who has power over all.

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