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Psalm 34

June 4, 2009

This psalm is loaded with wisdom concerning our relationship with God and the benefits thereof.

First the psalmist praises God continually, always.  His praise to God influences others, particularly the afflicted, and they join together to praise God and to exalt His Name.

Second, the psalmist seeks the Lord for advice and the Lord gives it readily.  Accepting the Lord’s advice results in joy, not shame, and troubles disappear.

Third, the psalmist fears the Lord and takes refuge in Him.  He encourages others to follow his lead.  Those who fear the Lord will not lack what they need.  The Lord will provide their needs.

Fourth, the psalmist teaches others to fear the Lord.  Fear of the Lord results in a long life.  Control of one’s tongue is important.  It should not express evil, including lies, but promote good and bring forth peace.  The fear of the Lord is not an emotion but an action of righteous deeds.  These righteous deeds include continual praise to and seeking God.  It includes taking refuge in Him and asking for His help and direction.

Those who “fear the Lord” receive much.  The Lord takes special notice of them and hears their cry.  The Lord desires to raise them up to have a greater influence among men, especially over those men intent on doing evil.  Those who “fear the Lord” will be delivered from troubles and have their spirits raised.  Redemption is guaranteed to all who “fear the Lord”.  Condemnation is guaranteed to all who do evil.

Therefore, praise God, seek God, fear God, take refuge in God, and receive the Lord’s blessing of righteousness, protection, goodness, deliverance, and redemption.  Receive His blessing of joy.  Use the Lord’s blessing in your life to be a blessing to others, that others may join you in praise to God on High.

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