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Psalm 35

June 4, 2009

David is troubled and tired. Some in Israel no longer support him or want him as their king. They are practicing treachery and taking advantage of David’s weak political position. The war is spiritual, the god-less against the God-fearing.

David prays to the Lord for Help. He asks God to take over and do battle for him. David asks the Lord to shame his enemies, to humiliate them, to drive them back and to pursue them. He asks that the evil they planned bring about their destruction.

David commits to praising God for his salvation, for delivering those who are afflicted [David], the one they sought to destroy. He has treated his “enemies” well. He has been compassionate in their need, praying for them. He treated them as brothers and friends. He has supported them instead of harming them. But they have not returned the favor. Now that David is hurting, they are rejoicing in his troubles and are plotting to bring him down.

David asks the Lord to be speedy in rescuing him. In the meantime David will thank and praise God publicly. The Lord put him on the throne and David will trust in the Lord to keep him on the throne. He Asks the Lord to prevent his enemies from getting the upper hand and taking advantage of his troubles. David asks the Lord to take up his cause and do battle on his behalf.

David also prays for those who support him, that they may see the hand of God working and rejoice because the Lord has brought prosperity to His appointed King, David. David promises to praise God always.

David’s situation is not unusual today in either a vocational or political sense. When in such situations, our actions ought to be similar.

1. Ask God to take over.

2. Praise God in anticipation of His victory.

3. Review your actions to assure they have been upright.

4. Ask God to be speedy because you are praising God publicly concerning the Lord’s victory.

5. Ask God to judge your actions.

6. Ask God’s blessing upon those who support your leadership.

7. Never stop praising God.

Never stop praising God for His goodness and faithfulness. Never stop asking God to intervene so that His Name will be glorified. Never stop assessing that what we are doing is in line with what He wants done. Never stop doing what is right.

“If your problem is not worth praying about, it is not worth worrying about.”

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