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Psalm 36

June 4, 2009

This psalm has two themes; mourning over the unrighteous and God’s love. In one sense these two themes are one in that God’s love results in mourning over sin.

David begins by expressing his concern for those bent on sinning and who have no fear of God. These people flatter themselves so much and so often that it is impossible for them to see their sinfulness. The words they speak are slanderous and deceitful, lies. Their words destroy people instead of encouraging them. Their words are foolish instead of wise. They refuse to change their ways even when they are dying.

Such is any man who refuses to acknowledge God, that He exists, that He is sovereign, that He is holy and just, that He is righteous, and that He will judge sin with death. The common attribute of the wicked is pride, pride in their power, pride in their accomplishments, pride in their possessions, and pride in their position in society.

Even so, God’s love is great, reaching to the heavens. His love is shown by His faithfulness. God is righteous and just. He is steadfast and unmovable like the mountains. God’s love is able to touch all men high and low, rich and poor, nobles and beggars. The secret of knowing God’s love is in seeking refuge in Him, humbling oneself before Him, trusting in Him, and depending on Him. Knowing and possessing God’s love comes from having faith in Him. God’s love leads to an abundant life. He has promised to sustain us and to provide for us. He will protect us from evil.

God’s love conquers evil. Humble yourself before Him and receive His great gift of love. Serve Him and live in peace and joy.

A common attribute of those who love God is their mourning over sin. Let Him check your heart. If He finds it lacking, let Him renew or replace your heart with His heart of love.

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