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Psalm 37

June 4, 2009

At 40 verses, this is one of the longer psalms. It reminds me somewhat of Psalm 1 but this psalm is more “commanding” in tone whereas Psalm 1 is “contrasting” in its’ tone. Psalm 37 exhorts whereas Psalm 1 explains. Both give contrasts between those who are Godly and those who are not. In between the specific commands are explanations regarding the command, explanations indicating “why” the command is important.

Rather than go into a great amounts of detail, let me summarize these commands. You can read the explanation as to why.

1. Do not concern yourself or be envious of evil men. [vs. 1]

2. Trust in the Lord and do good. [vs. 3]

3. Delight yourself in the Lord. [vs. 4]

4. Commit yourself to the Lord and trust Him. [vs. 5]

5. Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him. [vs. 7]

6. Do not concern yourself with people who are successful through evil. [vs. 7]

7. Refrain from anger and wrath. [vs. 8]

8. Turn from evil and do good. [vs. 27]

9. Wait for the Lord and obey Him. [vs. 34]

Those who trust in the Lord are protected, are provided for, stand out, inherit the “Promised Land”, enjoy peace, are upheld, are known, have an eternal inheritance, are sustained through famine, give generously, have direction and purpose, are never forsaken, have children who are blessed, have wisdom and do not lie, have God’s laws in their heart, are exalted, have a future, are saved, are preserved, are helped, are delivered, and have a refuge in the Lord.

Those who do not trust in the Lord, who are evil and who are ungodly will soon wither and die, will be cut off, will no longer be around, are laughed at by God, are killed by their own methods and choices, are broken, will perish, will seek to destroy the lives of the righteous, are condemned, initially flourish but disappear, and are destroyed.

In other words, the wicked may look like they are flourishing now but they have no future. On the other hand the righteous may appear to struggle now but they possess hope in the future because God has promised to raise them up to inherit eternal life.

We have a choice. It’s black or white, it’s no future or an eternal future. Gray is not an option. Choose white, choose an eternal future with the Lord. Choose to trust Him and obey His Word. It is the life of great joy and peace, eternal joy and peace. Shalom.

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