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Psalm 38

June 4, 2009

This psalm of David is one of repentance for his sin. It may have been associated with his sin toward Bathsheba or it could have been something else. I suppose in a broad way it could be a psalm of repentance written near the end of David’s life. But I favor David’s writing this psalm upon recognizing God’s discipline and correction for disobedience. Personally, I have read this psalm often and especially during my back problems. God has used back pain to keep me humble. I continue to use my weak back as an excuse not to get involved in physical labor in missions but at the same time I keep wondering if that is God’s direction or if I should be stepping out in faith and doing it. I continue to seek God’s will and direction. In the meantime God has blessed me with a desire to understand His Word and write about it. Writing is not something I sought either but somehow He has directed me to do so. I trust I am in His Will and what I’ve written will be a blessing to others.

The majority of this psalm describes David’s weak health. Not all health issues we face are the result of God’s discipline. Health issues can result from our heritage [we live in a fallen world], wrong choices, and accidents. But we are wise to consult God when they arrive to see if He is using health to redirect our thoughts and our ways according to His Will. God is disciplining David in this situation according to verses 1-2. David is suffering both mentally and physically. He has lost his way and his enemies are getting ready for “the kill”.

David is in a “corner” and is forced to recognize his sin and confess it. He recognizes no one can save him from his enemies other than the Lord. Only the Lord can restore his health. Only the Lord can restore his ability to govern. Only the Lord can restore his soul. Only the Lord can set him in the right direction. David cries out for the Lord’s help and mercy to come quickly. His heart, mind, and soul are open to receiving it.

Take time to access what is happening in your own life. Take it to the Lord and seek His wisdom. Ask Him to reveal what is required. If He is disciplining you, confess your sin and ask His forgiveness. If what is happening is not the Lord’s discipline, ask Him how you can serve Him in your circumstances. The Lord gives abundantly of His grace, mercy, love, and wisdom. Open your heart to receive His blessing.

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