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Psalm 4

June 4, 2009

Psalm 4 seems to be divided into 3 parts and speaks to 2 entities, God and the people. David is talking to God in verse 1 and verses 6-8. David is talking or lamenting concerning the people in verses 2-5.

Let’s first talk about the people in verses 2-5. This is what concerns David and is the reason for his prayer. He is sharing his concerns in prayer before God. David is concerned because the people are no longer for him but against him. They lack unity and loyalty to his leadership. Likewise, they lack unity with and loyalty toward God. This is even more critical. They have forgotten their purpose, to bring glory to God because He set them apart as His chosen people. They, the Israelites, have turned away from God and turned toward false gods. Their hearts are angry toward God. David assures the people that the Lord will hear him because he is seeking the Lord in humility. David is encouraging the people to follow his example, to search their hearts and listen to God. They are to offer the right sacrifices to the true God. They are to place their trust in God instead of false gods. This is good advice for all of us; to seek God, to come before Him, to acknowledge Him and His goodness, to refrain from being angry with Him, to not blame Him when life seems harsh or unfair, to follow His statutes, and to trust Him for all of our needs. We are to seek the Lord with the right attitude and a righteous heart.

With such an attitude and such a heart, we can call on our righteous God assured He will answer in mercy and relieve our distress. God will bless us by showing us His goodness. We will sense His presence and sovereignty in our lives. He will give us joy because we have expressed our trust in Him, our unity in Him, and our loyalty to Him. God’s blessing and goodness is seen in their harvest, in their peace, and in their security.

God sustains and blesses those who love Him, who place their trust in Him. Trust Him. Call on Him. Place your concerns before Him. Acknowledge Him as the one true God. Then listen to Him. Be assured that He has heard and is answering you with His blessings, His goodness, His peace, and His security. Live assured in His joy.

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