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Psalm 42

June 4, 2009

This psalm is a bit like a roller coaster. The psalmist is up, down, and steady emotionally. But mostly he is down and wanting personal companionship with the Lord. The psalmist longs for assurance that all is well.

This psalm begins by wanting to meet with God. His soul thirsts or longs for God. Only meeting and talking with God will satisfy the psalmist. The psalmist desires to meet with God to gain understanding as to what is happening. People are asking “Where is your God?” Before he used to lead multitudes to God’s house singing, praising, and thanking God. The psalmist is troubled because that is no longer true.

In spite of what is happening, the psalmist declares his faith in God. He commits to continue placing his hope in God, praising His name, and acknowledging God as his Savior and Lord. He will do this regardless of where he might be, in the valleys or on the mountaintops.

He recognizes God’s involvement in his life. God’s love, compassion, mercy, grace, and assurance cover him like water. The psalmist senses God’s love during the day and senses a special praise being sent to God in prayer at night. It is 24 hours of communication. But the psalmist feels forgotten because the people are not responding to his witness concerning God. He is willingly letting God direct his life and yet the people do not see God. Thus, the psalmist mourns and agonizes over their blindness to God’s love.

The psalmist concludes again with his commitment not to forsake God like the others have done. His hope remains in God and he will continue to praise God for He is God and Savior.

So which person are you?……. the wayward or the faithful?…… the person who doesn’t see God or the person who longs for God?……. the one who is wandering or the one who is faithful? There is only one God and He desires to have a personal relationship with each of us.

What is your attitude toward the lost? Do you ignore them, associate with them, or mourn for them? What is your attitude toward God? Do you long to meet with Him and to praise His name? Is God your hope or are you trusting something or someone else?

Regardless of what you see happening around you, continue to place your hope in God, praise His name, and trust Him as your Lord and Savior. It is the only solution to living a satisfied life.

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