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Psalm 43

June 4, 2009

Psalm 43 seems to be a continuation of Psalm 42. The psalmist is lonely and depressed. He is oppressed by deceitful and wicked men. It is not just a few men but a multitude of men, a whole nation. The psalmist asks God to raise him up, to rescue him. He wants to be restored as this “beautiful sailboat” sailing on the sea of humanity on top of the wickedness. He wants to be a visible witness of God’s love and righteousness. God is his strength but he does not feel strong. In fact, he feels rejected by man and by God. He is mourning, he is depressed, and he is oppressed. Therefore, he is calling on God to raise him up, to make him relevant once again. He wants to be a beacon of God’s light, God’s truth. He wants to be in the very presence of God, who is his joy and delight and worship Him.

The psalmist struggles with his depression when he knows his hope is in God and he is faithful in his praise and worship of the Almighty.

These feelings are not unusual. In fact, they are common. Another way of expressing the psalmist is “Why isn’t Your truth and Your way more evident and more influential in this wicked world, Lord?” But we must remember the Lord is sovereign, full of love and mercy. He is in control even if we do not see it or sense it. It may appear that wickedness is winning but that is only temporary because we know God is the ultimate victor. His mercy and grace abound. Our role is to be faithful, steadfast. Our role is to seek Him daily, praise His Name, and to worship Him for He is God, our Lord and Savior. Never give up on God. In the end, He will raise us up into His Presence to be with Him forever.

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