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Psalm 46

June 4, 2009

This psalm is prophetic. Perhaps it was written after a severe storm and earthquake but it definitely provides a glimpse of the hearts of believers during the last days prior to and at Christ’s second advent.

[See my notes on Revelation concerning the Trumpet and Bowl Judgments]

Those left in Israel are believers. They do not live in fear but live with expectation and joy because they trust in God and have faith in Him. They live because He lives. The destruction of mountains and the raging seas usher in the return of the Lord.

Jerusalem does not have a river today but it will then. The earthquake will release a river of water in Jerusalem. It will be uncontaminated water with the capability to refresh the people of God. Verses 4-5 could also be interpreted as a metaphor of the Holy Spirit dwelling with in the people of God. I believe both will be true.

Nations are being destroyed because they war against God’s people. The mere voice of God changes the earth physically, including its’ climate. The Lord has come again to reign. War ceases, nations are destroyed, Christ reigns, and Christ becomes the King of Kings for 1000 years. All will bow to Him.

Truly the Lord God reigns. He reigns in the loves of believers today and He will reign eternally. He is our King, our fortress, our Savior, and our Lord. He loves and protects those who love Him and place their faith in Him. We need not fear. God is sovereign over all the earth. Regardless of what type of calamity comes, we can trust God to be our Savior. Praise God!

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