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Psalm 47

June 4, 2009

The theme of this psalm is that God is sovereign over all the earth. He is King of Kings over all the nations. He alone is in control.

Therefore, the Lord is to be feared. Nothing happens without His approval. This is especially true for His people Israel and now the Church. As a result it is proper for us to clap our hands and shout with joy acknowledging that God is God and King of Kings, sovereign over all. God loves His people Israel and it is He who determined where they should reside. This is true for all believers [see Acts 17:26-28].

The Lord is King. He resides in heaven and holds a trumpet which sounds announcing the great events of history. God is sovereign. God reigns. Therefore, praise His name in word and song. Exalt His Holy Name.

Not only is God ruler of the nations but those whom He chose [Israel and the Church] are His princes. We are privileged to help God rule. We have His Word. We know His Will. We obey His commands and do His Will. We have been given an awesome responsibility in His Kingdom.

The Lord is King. We are His subjects. Let us honor Him by praising His Holy Name. Let us honor Him by practicing His mercy, grace, love, justness, forgiveness, and righteousness. Let us never forget His sovereignty over all things. Let us never forget He is King of Kings.

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