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Psalm 49

June 4, 2009

This psalm points out the foolishness of man if he thinks wealth assures him of a special place in eternity. This psalm is wisdom written for all mankind, not just Israel. What is said here is true regardless of who you are, what you possess, and where you live. The truth is regardless of your circumstances which are made known by adversity, one can not redeem another, man can not redeem man. All the wealth in the world can not accomplish such a feat because the cost of redemption is beyond the means of man. The fact is God does not accept wealth as acceptable for redemption.

Although it is not stated in this psalm, redemption of man comes only by the shedding of blood, the blood of a perfect lamb, one who is without sin, one who is righteous, the Son of God Jesus Christ.

Whether we are rich or poor we die. Whether we are wise or stupid we die. The number of children or descendents we have does not make a difference. The amount of land we own or the number of buildings we have named after us does not make a difference. We are no different than the animals. We have been created to live and created to die in our flesh.

Only those who are righteous will rule and live on [vs. 14]. So do not seek wealth, do not seek glory, do not boast of what you possess or have accomplished. Do not be fooled by the praise of others. Instead seek understanding. Seek to know God your creator and His Ways. Seek the wisdom of God. Seek to humble yourself before God. Place your trust in Him and not in your self.

Evidently man has not changed over the generations. The sin [pride] of Adam and Eve’s thinking that man is in control and/or can take control of his destiny is still present in man’s heart at the time this psalm was written and it is the same today. Man without God is dead. The man who knows God and trusts in Him is alive forever. Think, understand, accept, and become wise.

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