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Psalm 5

June 4, 2009

Here is another psalm expressing Davis’s concern for Israel, expressing David’s concern for himself because of his enemies, and asking God to intervene by judging the evil doers and to bless those who humble themselves before the Lord.

David begins by asking God to hear his prayer, his prayer asking God’s help. David brings his requests to the Lord daily and then waits expectantly on the Lord. This is a good example to follow; pray to the Lord every morning and then wait upon the Lord for wisdom and direction. It works. I know because I’ve done it.

The Lord is not happy with those who are evil, who are wicked, who are arrogant, who lie, who practice deceit, who have no respect for the lives of others; those who refuse to acknowledge God and His Word.

David tells us how he approaches God; how we should approach God. We all sin but God lets us approach His throne of mercy when we come with humility and reverence to worship Him and to seek His righteousness. God guides us when we approach Him in this manner.

One of David’s requests is that God would exercise judgment over the evildoers, those who lie, those who want to destroy others, those who use deceit to get their own way. These people were against David and against God. David felt persecuted because His desire was to follow God. So he prays God would judge those who refuse to seek God and protect those who seek God, who love God’s name, who rejoice in God’s law, who seek righteousness.

Seek the Lord daily and wait on the Lord. Seek the Lord and His righteousness. Do not associate with those who follow man’s evil ways. Ask the Lord for His blessing and His protection as we proclaim our love for Him and His Holy Name.

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