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Psalm 50

June 4, 2009

This psalm is written in three parts or preferably has three verses. The first verse, verses 1-6, speaks of God’s power. The second verse, verses7-15, tells us what God desires of us. The third verse, verses 16-23, tells us what God dislikes and will destroy.. Overall its theme is that of God’s righteous judgment.

Verse 1: The Lord God is mighty and all powerful. He controls the universe; the rising and setting of the sun. He resides in Zion; in the temple in the Holy of Holies. There He pronounces judgment on all that He has created. Because He is the Creator, He has every right to judge His creation. This is true for the present and for the future. When Christ reigns in the millennium, He will rule and dispense His judgment from Zion.

Verse 2: God is God and He wants people to hear Him, especially His chosen people, Israel [and us]. Sacrifice is important but it is not the most important thing to God. After all He is the creator of all animals. They all belong to Him. We do not sacrifice to feed God. We sacrifice in thankfulness as a thank offering for all that God has done for us. We are to commit our lives in thankful service to Him. We are to depend on Him in times of trouble. He is our salvation; our Redeemer.

Verse 3: The attitude of our hearts is all important. We are to take God’s laws/commands seriously. God hates it when we give Him lip service but refuse to follow Him in what we do. Treating our fellow man with deceit and slander is inappropriate behavior. So is stealing and adultery. Disobedience of God’s laws will bring His rebuke; His judgment. His sentence of the guilty is destruction.

Verse 23 summarizes what God desires, a thankful heart. We who are thankful will be shown the way to salvation. We who thank Him and honor Him, who acknowledge God as the Almighty Creator God will be known as His Chosen People and receive salvation. We can choose to honor God or dishonor Him. The consequences are salvation or destruction respectively. We are either righteous or unrighteous in His sight. Choose wisely whom you will follow and who you will honor. Who are you thanking today?

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