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Psalm 52

June 4, 2009

Here we learn as James wrote later that our tongue betrays our heart and can be used for evil or good.

The first section of Psalm 52 asks the question why man boasts about his evil when God continually expresses loving-kindness. In other words, why is man so different than his Creator God. Man’s words are used to tear down others emotionally and physically. Man loves evil such as deceit and lying whereas God is good and righteous.

The second section, verses 4-5, tells of God’s judgment on those who are intent on doing evil. Evil man will be destroyed. They will be uprooted from life and sentenced to death. This is the eternal perspective of life and death.

The third section describes those who are righteous, who do not practice evil, lie and deceive. They fear God. They do not ignore Almighty God. They laugh at those who trust in their wealth instead of trusting in God. They know the judgment of God. Therefore, they have tender hearts, teachable hearts, growing hearts, trusting hearts, and thankful hearts. They are the green olive branch that will bear fruit. They have patient hearts and enjoy fellowship with other believers.

So our lesson is that unity with God and with one another comes from expressing loving-kindness to one another. It does not and can not come by lying, deceit, or seeking to destroy one another. Do not despise God and fear man. Love man and fear God for God is good, God is love, and God is kind.

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