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Psalm 53

June 4, 2009

The psalmist expresses his longing for a Savior to save those who believe in God, to save Israel.

He, David, begins by stating a fact. Those who say there is no God are fools. He goes on to say that there isn’t anyone who does good. No one is without sin. No one can please God by his own works.

God looks down from heaven and continually is searching and seeking those who understand and seek Him. But everyone has turned away and become corrupt. No one is good. No one is without sin.

Mankind continually refuses to call on God. Even God’s people live in fear when they need not do so. God protects His people. He destroys those who attack His people.

David longs for the Savior to come and restore Israel, to restore His people. Then they can rejoice and be glad.

The Savior has come, Jesus Christ. He died for our sin and has imputed His righteousness to all who believe in Him. He is God Incarnate. He is the Savior of all who seek Him, of all who desire to know Him. We who believe in Jesus, who believe in God, will be protected and saved. Whether we live or die we can be glad and rejoice. There is a God. Only a fool thinks otherwise. Oh that we may be wise and seek Him for He will save us from our sin, cleanse us, and make us righteous in His sight.

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