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Psalm 54

June 4, 2009

This is a short psalm written by David when he was fleeing and hiding from Saul before being elevated as Israel’s king. David had been anointed king by Samuel but was awaiting God’s timing.

He begins by asking God to save him and, thus, assure him that what is happening is according to God’s will. He wants assurance that what he is doing is right and in the center of God’s will. He prays to God and seeks God’s ear.

David is being pursued [attacked] by Saul’s men and also by nomadic tribes in the Judean wilderness [strangers]. He is being pursued by those who are godless. They either don’t believe in God or choose to ignore God. They are pursuing their own selfish interests whereas David is pursuing God.

David is calling/pursuing God for help and sustenance. He not only needs assurance he is in the center of God’s will but he and his men need food and water.

David asks God to intervene and destroy those who are ruining his reputation [slander]. David wants to stop running and hiding. He wants to present himself and a sacrifice to God. He wants to freely volunteer himself before God and not wait for an appointed celebration or feast. He wants to bow before God and praise His Name. He wants to thank God for a completed and victorious journey. He knows the end result is his being king. His eyes are full of hope. He is expressing his readiness and willingness to God Almighty recognizing God, not he, is directing and responsible for the final outcome.

We also long for victory and to be feasting in heaven with the King of Kings, our Lord God Jesus Christ. While on earth we are being pursued and attacked daily by Satan’s army. Therefore, we too need to come before the Lord seeking assurance that we are in His Will and asking for substance and protection while God proceeds to destroy those who refuse to accept Him. The victory is the Lords’. Let us wait on Him for He is God.

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