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Psalm 56

June 4, 2009

This is another psalm of David seeking the Lord’s mercy and help. In this instance the mercy of the Lord is to help David in dealing with his enemies. David was a born warrior and could deal/cope with military clashes. But David has difficulty with those who clash with him politically with lies, deceit, and slander. Such attacks are continuous whereas military attacks stop so that the soldiers can regroup and rest.

David proclaims his faith in God, especially when he is afraid and when he is being attacked. He refuses to fear man and prefers to fear God and thus, trusts God’s Word.

David’s enemies bide their time, watching, waiting, listening, and looking for time to pounce removing David from Israel’s throne through death or a coup. David asks that those who practice this type of evil be brought down. Evidently these people are other nations and not people within Israel at this time [vs. 7].

David records this lament for all to see, especially God. David will recognize God’s mercy when, after he has sought God’s help, enemies stop their attacks. David emphasizes his trust in God and praise for God’s Sovereignty. David has placed himself in God’s hands. He has committed to bring the Lord a thank offering because he is assured God will deliver him. He remains assured God is and will lead him.

Living assured of God’s mercy and help is absolutely necessary to withstand attacks from the enemy, Satan and his followers. Recording your requests for God’s help is a good practice. When you review your requests you will remember just how merciful God has been in answering your requests. Thus, your faith and trust in the Lord grows. A natural action is to praise and thank God. And when your next trial comes, you will enter it ever more assured of God’s involvement and mercy. Never cease to trust and to praise His Name.

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