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Psalm 57

June 4, 2009

This psalm was supposedly written by David during the time he was being chased by Saul throughout the Judean desert. Verse 4 is particularly revealing and describes the conditions David and his men faced. David was patient in waiting for God’s timing to ascend to Israel’s throne. Such is evident in this psalm as he expresses his faith in God to protect him, to deliver him, and to sustain him.

David pleads for God’s mercy for his faith is only in God. David expresses his faith in God for protection and to bring about the purpose for which he was created and anointed, to be king of Israel. He recognizes that God has already protected him from Saul and realizes that it is because God loves him and is being faithful in keeping His promise to David.

David lives among the wild animals and Saul’s men have laid traps to catch him but God is in control, sovereign, and His glory [will] is evident. David, therefore, is steadfast in his devotion to God and takes time to praise God with his music.

He promises to praise God and His Name to all nations, especially to the people of Israel. His praise will tell of God’s love and faithfulness. He will tell others that God is in the heavens and His glory covers the earth.

The fact that this psalm was written and sung is proof that David kept his promise to God.

It is easy for us to make promises to God when times are tough. When our back is against the wall we will either curse God or praise Him. David praised God in the tough times and promised to praise God when he was King. We too must praise God in tough times and in good times. We must never stop telling others, proclaiming God’s love and faithfulness to those who place their faith in Him. God is love. God is faithful. God is sovereign over all the earth. There is no other God.

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