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Psalm 58

June 4, 2009

This psalm of David expresses the longing of the righteous to be vindicated by God through the destruction of the unrighteous.

Many are we who claim to be righteous and act like we are God. But in reality we are unrighteous and wicked. We are violent and lie. Our words are like venom and we do only what we want to do.

David prays that these people will lose their teeth and their fangs by the hand of God. He prays that God will cause them to be ineffective, to have no influence, to diminish in authority and number.

David prophesies that these wicked people will be dealt with by God. They will be swept away by the wind of a great fire. Then the righteous will rejoice as they are washed clean by the blood as they await their reward. There is a God who exercises righteous judgment.

Christ taught that we are to love our enemies. But there comes a time when those who are wicked refuse to respond to the message of God’s love by making their choice to follow their god instead of the true Lord God Jehovah. Thus the wicked condemn themselves by the choices they make. We who sin but truly seek righteousness are saved because we chose to place our faith in God who redeems. There is a God who judges righteously. Choose today who you will follow. Tomorrow may be too late. God is patient but His patience doesn’t mean we have license to procrastinate.

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