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Psalm 59

June 4, 2009

According to the reading, this psalm of David was written during the time David was fleeing from Saul and his men. This makes sense when considering the first five verses but not if verses 6-17 are included. Some speculate these verses were added later perhaps curing Hezekiah’s reign when Jerusalem was being placed under siege.

David prays for deliverance and protection from his enemies. His enemies are wicked and blood thirsty. They want David dead. There is no good reason for their pursuit because David has done nothing wrong. David asks God to punish these men and all pagan nations.

Starting with verse 6 the enemies are within Jerusalem’s walls spying or perhaps they are recalling the letter sent by Sennacherib asking for their surrender. But the Lord is laughing because He is in control, not Israel’s enemies. God goes before them. He will cause the defeat of Israel’s enemies and Israel will gloat over their defeat. Israel is not asking for their enemies to be destroyed, just to leave. The psalmist indicates a need not to have them destroyed so that they will remain on the horizon as a remembrance to Israel, a reminder of what wickedness entails; wickedness such as being consumed with lies, pride and wrath. People will look upon them and Israel and know that God presides over Israel.

David, Israel, will sing of God’s Mighty Power, His Love, and His Protection.

Praise God for He is all powerful. loving, and protects His children. Bring your requests to God and sing His praise.

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