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Psalm 6

June 4, 2009

This is another psalm of David pleading for mercy because of his sin. Evidently he realizes that his sickness, weakness, aches, and pains are a result of the Lord’s discipline to cause him to acknowledge the error of his ways and seek repentance. David asks the Lord to remove His disciplinary action and grant him mercy. Even David’s soul is in anguish as he awaits the Lord’s decision to take his life or extend it [vs. 3].

In addition to mercy, David asks for more time on earth. God loves David and David loves God. In spite of his sin, David has not forsaken God but continues to praise God and make His Name known.

David is hurting from the Lord’s discipline and from his foes. Both are attacking. The Lord is attacking physically and his foes are attacking emotionally. David has no control over either.

But the Lord hears David’s prayer and knows his heart. God answers immediately assuring David that He will grant him mercy and that his enemies will fall into sudden disgrace.

David gets up off his knees with new assurance and confidence anticipating and watching the Lord’s answer to commence in his life.

No sin is too great or too small to prevent us from asking the Lord’s forgiveness and mercy. The Lord is sovereign over all things; His discipline, our length of life, the actions of our enemies etc. God is sovereign over all things physical and spiritual. God always hears and answers the prayers of the penitent with His mercy. Never refuse to ask God for His mercy. His unfailing love is evidence of His boundless mercy. Seek the Lord and praise Him all your days. Love Him because He loves you.

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