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Psalm 60

June 4, 2009

This psalm of David begins with the recognition that God is not pleased with Israel and they sense the Lord’s rejection because things are not going as expected.  According to the notes at the Psalm’s heading, many battles had and were taking place all around Israel.  They were fighting on several fronts.  Their battles were difficult even in victory and David senses that the Lord’s hand has been removed and they have come under the Lord’s discipline.  The people are uncertain as to what is happening.  Earthquakes have shaken their faith and their unity.  People are desperate and have lost hope.  Even their wine has become too strong or the people have turned too much to wine in hopes of drowning out their problems.  Regardless, life is out of control.

But God remains faithful to those that love Him and He will deliver them.  God’s message is one of hope and redemption to those who trust Him.  They are not shaken, confused, or desperate.

David has been victorious on many fronts so he explains how he is going to distribute the conquered territory.  Some will be divided, some will be incorporated, and Moab, Edom, and Philistia will have to fend for themselves.  David questions God about what should be done concerning another fortified city and Edom.  David wants to be in the Lord’s will [vs. 9].  He understands that God has not been with his armies yet there are more battles ahead.  Consequently he seeks the Lord’s aid.  Victory is dependent on the Lord, not on man.

Be discerning and seek the Lord in all circumstances.  Ask the Lord’s direction if you sense He is not with you in life’s battles.  Victory is the result of the Lord, not man.  He is faithful to those who love Him.  Submit yourself to the Lord and let Him lead you to victory.

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