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Psalm 62

June 4, 2009

This psalm is also attributed to David. It has three stanzas; verses 1-4, verses 5-8, and verses9-12. Stanza 1 begins with David’s commitment and/or faith in God and ends with a lament over his enemies who are attempting to undercut his rule. Stanza 2 continues to tell of David’s commitment/trust and faith in God, proclaiming its benefits to his people. Stanza 3 begins by telling the people what not to trust for their well-being and ends with what David has learned; that God is strong, loving, and rewards people according to what they have done.

Life is not easy even for those who have a special distinct calling from God, those who have a special responsibility in God’s plan for mankind. Being in the center and forefront of God’s Will does not prevent one from facing trouble. In fact, it guarantees you will face trouble. Steadfastness, loyalty, faithfulness, and commitment are attributes of those who trust in God. They are necessary for survival. God seeks out people with these attributes and gives them special responsibilities. David recognizes this and states his trust in God by claiming God gives rest [peace], God gives salvation [grace], and God protects [comfort and strength]. Therefore, God is and will sustain him from those who want to destroy him by means of deceit.

David reiterates his trust in the Lord and asks the people to do likewise. It doesn’t matter what your status in life is. Life is short and only faith in God makes it count. One may use dishonest means to gain respect or stature with man but it doesn’t count with God. God is the final judge. Recognize that He is strong and He is love. Faith and trust in Him is our only assurance of victory in life. Make God your Rock, your fortress, and your refuge. Place your trust in Him.

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