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Psalm 64

June 4, 2009

David has gone from asking God to judge the wicked and to protect him to complaining to God that He is not acting against them with quickness and strength. David feels threatened and nothing is happening. David points out to God that those who would destroy him and all men have no fear but probably for different reasons. The righteous have no fear because they have faith in God. The unrighteous have no fear of God. They practice deceit , lies, slander, and false accusations etc. It is political warfare. The tongues of the wicked are shooting arrows at the innocent and righteous. Israel’s culture is in disarray and spiritually bankrupt.

David turns away from complaining to being confident of God’s action against the wicked. God will use their own actions to cause their downfall and destruction. They will be discredited by their own lies, slander, and deceit. Actually, God doesn’t need to lift a finger. They will cause their own demise in due time.

People will see what is happening, fear will encompass them, and they will turn to God and praise His works. They will begin to understand the importance of God’s law and God’s Word in their culture. Acting in love, mercy, justness, kindness, and goodness to one another is necessary for peace. Those who act in this manner are righteous. They rejoice in the Lord, His character, His Word, and His Will. Their refuge is in the Lord. They praise the Lord for He is righteous, for He will be the victor.

We can complain that God is not acting against the wicked in good faith. But remember God is faithful, God is righteous, God is loving, and God is merciful. God is also just, omniscient, and omnipotent. Do not forsake God but take refuge in Him and praise His Name. He will protect his children who practice righteousness.

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