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Psalm 65

June 4, 2009

This is a psalm of thanksgiving and praise to God for His goodness and sovereignty.

The psalmist begins by committing to be faithful to God. They are committed to praise God for hearing their prayers and for forgiving them of their sin. They praise God for choosing them to be blessed by God and with whom God desires fellowship. Verses 1-4 are a testimony to unity and oneness with God because He has forgiven them and has heard their prayers and because they, in return, have come to worship Him with thanksgiving and praise.

Verse 5 begins by describing the blessings of God. First they are blessed because of who God is. He is righteous, He is their Savior, He is their hope, and He is their Creator. And He is sovereign over all His creation. He is a source of joy and hope to those who believe. He is feared by those who do not acknowledge God as the God Almighty.

Second, verse 9 begins describing the blessing of God’s goodness. God oversees their land with water such that they have abundant crops. Land that is not tilled flourishes with grass for the animals. Birds, flowers, and butterflies are numerous and grace the land with beauty. Even God’s creation shouts and sings praise to their Creator.

Sit down, be still, and look around. Have you asked God to forgive your sins? Is His presence in your heart? Are you praising God because He is your Savior, your hope, and your joy? If not, take time now to do just that. Then look around you and see God’s blessings, His creative hand, and praise Him for His sovereignty. Commit to give Him sovereignty over all your life. Give Him His due, praise and thanksgiving for being God, your Savior. “Praise God from whom all blessings flow.”

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