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Psalm 66

June 4, 2009

We will look at this psalm in four parts. The first part, verses 1-4, is a song of praise to God. The second part, verses 5-7, talks of God’s deeds. The third part, verses 8-15, combines praise to God, praise of God’s deeds, and worship. The fourth part, verses 16-20, is a personal testimony of the psalmist.

Part 1: We are encouraged and exhorted to be joyful in our praise to God. We are to be loud, singing in harmony resulting in a “large full majestic and glorious” song of praise. Our praise to God is to be beautiful music. It is to include the awesome works of God. The day will come when all creation will worship the Lord God.

Part 2: In this section the psalmist reminds the people of God’s awesome works when Israel left Egypt for Mt. Sinai. He also mentions their rebellious nature and taking things into their own hands while waiting for Moses to return with God’s Law.

Part 3: This section begins with praise and then reminds Israel of God’s dealings with them between Mt. Sinai and the Promised Land. God used that time to refine Israel, to build her faith through desert trials. At least one generation of Israelites died because of their disobedience. They were given an opportunity to trust God and enter their Promised Land at Kadesh Barnea but they refused because they thought the strength of the people occupying the land was greater than God’s strength. This section ends with the psalmist expressing his faith in God through worship [vs. 13-15].

Part 4: The psalmist concludes by telling all who will hear what God has done for him. He prayed to God and God heard and accepted his prayer. Thus he is assured of being righteous in God’s sight. God has shown his loving-kindness to the psalmist. His sins are forgiven. He has been washed clean by God; chosen; special in God’s sight.

Let us take heed and praise God for all He has done for us. Let us remember His awesome deeds in our lives. Let us remember our trials which God has used to strengthen our faith. And let’s tell others of God’s goodness, God’s forgiveness, and God’s loving-kindness.

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