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Psalm 67

June 4, 2009

This is a short psalm encouraging the people and the nations to praise God so that the Lord’s blessing will be evident throughout the earth. There is one principle that comes through loud and clear in the Pentateuch and that is: The Lords love is unconditional but His blessings are conditional [see Lev. 26-27].

The psalm starts with a paraphrase of Aaron’s blessing from Numbers 6:24-26. It is both a pronouncement and a request. God’s blessing results in a testimony to His love, a witness of God’s power and sovereignty. God’s blessing also encompasses knowledge of him and of His salvation.

The psalmist both requests and proclaims to God because God is righteous and just, guiding the nations so as to accomplish His will which is to make His Name, His Ways, and His Salvation known to all. Praise to God gives glory to the Creator instead of the creature [man].

Praise to God, acknowledging His sovereignty over all things, results in blessing. One of the ways we see God’s blessing is in the harvest of food. Praise brings God’s blessing leading us to fear Him, to be in awe of God, to come to a deeper understanding of His power, His faithfulness, and His love.

Do you want/desire God’s blessing?

Then praise His Holy Name.

Do you want God’s blessing?

Then give Him complete control over your life.

Do you desire God’s blessing?

Then worship Him as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Do you want God’s blessing?

Then know Him and obey His statutes.

Praise God and His face will shine upon you showering you with His blessings. He is faithful and keeps His promises.

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