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Psalm 68

June 4, 2009

This psalm is praising God for His sovereignty overall [vs. 1-3], for His care [vs. 9], for His leadership [vs. 11-12], for dwelling among the people [vs. 18], for bearing their burdens [vs. 19], for saving them [vs. 20], and for protecting them [vs. 21]. The psalmist requests God to continue these attributes toward Israel in the future beginning with verse 28.

What I have outlined is not quite as exhaustive or comprehensive as that given in the NIV Study Bible notes. Their notes are extensive and very well done. I have taken a broader approach rather than enter into detail.

The psalm begins by noting God’s sovereignty over all things. He is the righteous and just judge. He [God] determines who is destroyed and who lives. He is the King of Kings. Therefore, praise His Holy Name. He not only is judge, He [God] is caretaker for the oppressed. He is filled with loving-kindness to the father-less, the widows, the lonely, and the prisoner. Where love is missing, God enters with His love.

Beginning with verse 7 the psalmist recalls Israel’s exodus from Egypt, God’s care for Israel during that journey, and His leading them into the Promised Land going before them to root out the inhabitants so that Israel could enter [Deut. 7-9]. Verse 18 probably refers to David bringing the Ark and Tabernacle into Jerusalem. Praise is given to God because He is their Savior, their true King, the Almighty God who will continue to care for them and protect them from their enemies.

David is watching a procession of singers leading people to worship beginning in verse 24 and requests the Lord to continue to dwell among them, to care for them, and to be their King. Praise God!

This psalm may be long but the lesson is simple. Remember how God has guided and watched over your life. Remember His blessings when you obeyed and His discipline for disobedience. Remember that God cares for you, loves you, and will protect you. Praise God for His goodness and kindness. Praise Him and give thanks daily. Remember to ask for His guidance, His power, and His care in the days to come. Assuming He dwells in your heart, commit daily to give Him His rightful place as King of your life. His Kingship in our lives guarantees joy for the present and hope for the future. Praise God!

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