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Psalm 69

June 4, 2009

Many of David’s psalms have the same theme, that of sustaining David from the enemies’ attacks. This long psalm is very descriptive of David’s circumstance.

The psalm begins with David’s request to be saved from his enemies. David is in a swamp filled with alligators and ready to drown. The silt is so deep he can not walk out. His throat is hoarse from calling for help. David is stressed and helpless. He needs the Lord to save him for his enemies are numerous.

Next David confesses his sin [vs. 5] and trusts that the Lord is not disgraced by any of his actions. David’s priority is for the Lord to be glorified, not him. God is number one at the expense of family relations. He is willing to be scorned if God is glorified. David is relying on God’s love, goodness, and mercy to save him and give him victory. David is hurting and recognizes only God can save him. Even his friends have vacated.

David prays that they be trapped in their own ways and that God’s wrath will be poured out over them. He asks for God’s protection while God judges them even to the extent of removing them from eternal life.

David commits to praising God continually. His praise is better than any sacrifice. He considers himself to be poor and needy [spiritually speaking] and is assured God hears.

David states his own vision, that all creation will praise God, that God will save Zion [Israel] and rebuild her cities, and that all Israel will love God and serve Him.

This psalm is very prophetic. David and those who love God are under attack and their only hope of salvation is the Lord. He confesses his sin, commits to being God’s witness, commits to praise God always, and states his assurance that God will exercise righteous judgment and save Israel, who will eventually acknowledge God and serve Him.

David’s circumstances and feeling are no different than ours today. David’s attitude and that of calling on God for help is still the best solution. Call on God, confess your sin, and commit to faithfully serve Him. God will hear our plea. He will protect us. He will save us. And He will bless us. We will inherit the riches of Christ Jesus [Eph. 1].

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