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Psalm 7

June 4, 2009

David prays to the Lord to whom he has run for refuge, to deliver him from his enemies.  Evidently one who is a friend is now against him.  David seeks guidance and wisdom from God concerning his actions.  David expresses concern that he has wronged this individual.  If so, he deserves to die.

Friends and friendships are important.  Love them.  One must stand up for right but we shouldn’t let the unimportant things destroy friendships.  Go before the Lord and discern if you are in the right or in the wrong.

David addresses the Lord in verse 6 asking Him to rise up against his adversaries and judge them according to their ways.  What the Lord does for the people also goes for him.  The Lord is to judge him according to his righteousness and integrity too.  David’s desire is that righteousness would reign and evil would disappear.

It is important that all men come before the Lord and repent.  God will shield and protect those who desire righteousness.  Failure to do so leads to destruction because instead of desiring righteousness, one will desire war, conceive mischief, and lie.  He will “dig his own grave”.

Instead, turn to the Lord, give thanks for His righteousness, and sing praise to His Name.

David was a warrior and was prevented by God from building a permanent temple because he had so much blood on his hands.  War is necessary when it is of the Lord to destroy evil and promote righteousness.  But warring against others to promote evil is wrong.  Seek the Lord.  Seek His wisdom.  Look to Him for guidance.  Live according to His righteousness and praise His Name.  Do not take the role of judge.  Let God, the righteous judge do that according to His way and His timing.  Focus on praising the Lord and all things will fall into place.

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