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Psalm 70

June 4, 2009

David, the psalmist, is anxious. The Lord needs to act quickly [see psalm 64 and 69]. This is a reoccurring theme of David’s. It seems a majority of his psalms up to now were written under duress. David is telling the Lord that, from his perspective, time is running out. His enemies need to be dealt with by shaming them, confusing them, and by disgracing them. In previous psalms David has expressed his lack of ability and strength to resolve the issues and has placed his request in God’s hands. This psalm is a follow-up to those previous petitions indicating that the Lord needs to act quickly.

David goes from being anxious to praising God. In a sense verse 4 is also a petition but it is also stating a fact. Those who seek God do rejoice and are glad because their salvation is of the Lord. Regardless of what happens, they are confident that God will be exalted. It’s not about them; it is about God.

David once again associates himself with the poor and needy [see Psalm 40]. He is poor and needy because he lacks the wisdom to solve these problems created by his enemies on his own. He needs help and needs it fast. He acknowledges only the Lord is able to deliver him.

The Lord doesn’t always answer our prayers according to our timetable. In fact, experience tells me the Lord always allows us to descend deeper into the pit of desperation than we think is right. That is David’s attitude too. But God is God and knows what is best. God wants His Name to be exalted and, as His children, that should also be our priority. God uses such trials to strengthen our faith. We can become bitter or better. Never give up on God. He is the victor always. Persevere when times are tough and never lose faith in God. In the end, His Name will be exalted. And that is our purpose on earth, to exalt His Name.

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