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Psalm 73

June 4, 2009

This psalm of Asaph is so beautiful and true it has become one of my favorites. It is similar to Psalm 1 but different. Psalm 1 is written from God’s perspective. Psalm 73 is written from man’s perspective.

The psalmist begins by acknowledging his faith in God, a God who is good to those who love Him. God has even been good to Israel even though they have faltered from time to time. In fact, the prosperity and good life of Israel’s wicked has caused the psalmist to consider if faith in God was vain and of no earthly benefit. In other words “Why struggle to follow God and be persecuted for your faith when life would be so much easier if you just did your own thing?” This is one of life’s most important questions.

Verses 3-12 are very descriptive of the “easy” life of the wicked. Verse 14 tells of the psalmists daily humbling before God for he has been given a divine purpose [vs. 15] and that is to tell of the Lord’s goodness and love to the younger generation. The importance and comprehension of faith in God is not evident in the “street” but becomes very evident when in God’s sanctuary, His Tabernacle, to worship God.

Verse 17 is the turning point of this psalm. It is in the tabernacle before God’s throne that life begins to make sense and the psalmist begins to see clearly that the wicked may flourish now but they have no future [vs. 18-20]. The psalmist admits he has not been thinking clearly when observing the wicked and their easy going lifestyle [vs. 21-22].

The psalmist continues acknowledging God was with him even when he was questioning God’s justice and motives. God was teaching him and guiding him. His heart was faithful to God in light of what his eyes saw. He is hanging on to God and God is hanging on to him because they have a future together for all eternity. The faithful are saved. The unfaithful are destroyed. The psalmist vows to remain faithful and tell others of God’s goodness to those who follow Him

This same question has and will come up several times in our lifetime. “Is following God really worth it?” The correct answer is not found by asking man and taking a poll. The correct answer is found by coming before God and asking Him if He is worth it, if He is real. God will answer it truthfully. One who is faithful to God will be saved. One who is unfaithful will be destroyed. Don’t live for today, live for the future. Don’t work for today [to gain wealth] but work for the future telling others of God’s goodness and love. Faith in God is not in vain, it is our key to The Kingdom. Do not lose it or forsake it.

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