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Psalm 74

June 4, 2009

This psalm is also of Asaph and requests God’s divine intervention once again to redeem Israel. This was probably written during Rehoboam’s reign or perhaps during the reign of Jehoram, the evil king of Judah prior to Joash repairing the Temple.

The psalmist opens lamenting that God has rejected Israel [Judah] and asks God to remember His Covenant with Israel and how He redeemed them from Egypt, gave them their own land, and dwelt among them in the Temple. The Temple has been desecrated, ruined. Perhaps this happened when Egypt made war against Rehoboam and stole the gold shields. If so, they did much more damage than chronicled, even to the point of setting it on fire. The enemy has also torn down other altars used for worship throughout the land. These were perhaps altars established by Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob or the stones set up by Joshua after crossing the Jordan. Their historical markers commemorating God’s intervention and direction have been destroyed. And there is no prophet preaching repentance. The psalmist concludes that God has abandoned Israel [Judah].

The psalmist continues expressing his faithfulness and commitment to God beginning with verse 12. He recalls God’s intervention throughout their journey form Egypt to the Promised Land. God parted the sea, destroyed their enemies, fed them, and provided water. The psalmist recalls God’s redemptive power and continues recalling God’s creative power. God created the heavens and the earth, night and day, and the seasons.

Next the psalmist confesses the sins of their enemies which are no different than Israel’s sin at the moment. In this confession, the psalmist asks God to remember His children and the Covenant He has made with them. He asks God to personally intervene once again [vs. 22] that their adversaries and God’s adversaries be quelled such that those who are currently oppressed, afflicted, and needy will be free to praise God.

There are many times when we too may sense that God has forsaken us as individuals, as a family, or as a nation. If so, come boldly before God. Pour out your heart and your concerns. Remember God’s blessings in the past. Confess your sin, the sins of others, and your nations’ sins. Commit to being faithful as God is faithful. Ask God to intervene again that His Name will be glorified. You may feel forsaken but God has promised never to forsake those who love Him. Remember, God keeps His promises. He has done so in the past and He will do it now and in the future, always.

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