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Psalm 75

June 4, 2009

There seems to be some logical order to the placement and numbering of these psalms. Psalm 73, which starts Book 3, addresses why we see the wicked flourish. Psalm 74 asks God to intervene and turn Israel back to God. Psalm 75 appears to record God’s answer to the subjects of Psalms 73 and 74.

The psalmist begins by giving thanks to God for dwelling among the people and for His blessings [deeds]. It answers the question of Psalm 74; God has not forsaken them.

As concerns the wicked, their pending judgment, and the redemption of Israel once again, the psalm records God’s answer beginning with verse 2. God states He will choose the appointed time and judge in righteousness. His judgment will be severe, causing the earth and the people to quake in fear but He, God the Creator, will keep things together by His power.

God, in verse 4, is aware of those who boast of their own power and are arrogant toward God. God proclaims that only He has the power to exalt man and He will judge who is exalted and who is not, who is worthy of eternal life and who is not worthy. He will pour out His divine wrath on the wicked at His appointed time. He, God, is sovereign and in control.

The psalmist praises God in verse 9 declaring he will tell others of the Lord’s judgment and justice. The wicked will be destroyed and the righteous will be exalted, lifted up, resurrected to live with God eternally.

Do not be anxious. Trust in God. God is in control. Let us praise His Name and tell of His goodness. Don’t be bothered about the wicked and arrogant. God knows their heart and will deal with them. We are to praise God and warn the wicked concerning the severity of God’s righteous judgment. Finally, be assured God hears our prayers and answers them. In answering them, He gives us assurance we are His children. Praise His Holy Name.

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