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Psalm 76

June 4, 2009

Overall this psalm tells of the Lord God residing in Jerusalem having defeated Israel’s enemies. The NIV Study Bible has some interesting notes, none of which grab my interest. I prefer to look at this psalm from strictly a prophetic point of view, a psalm depicting the time after Armageddon and when Christ sets up His millennial reign.

First we see that God is known in Judah and in all of Israel. In fact, He is dwelling in the tabernacle [Temple] in Jerusalem. According to verse 3, war has not only been ended but it has been destroyed. The Lord is in His Temple, the “light” of the world, and its’ light illuminates the Holy City. Many warriors are dead and the war machines are quiet. Peace has come because the voice of the Lord came and delivered God’s wrath upon those seeking to destroy Israel and Jerusalem. The defeat of God’s enemies was sudden, quick, and complete. All the people remaining are in awe and fear of God. There is peace. The afflicted, God’s people, have been saved. The Lord’s wrath has destroyed His enemies. Judgment has come. There is calm after the storm.

People are beginning to praise God, to thank God, and to commit to follow and obey God. God is being honored by all remaining nations. Christ is now the King of Kings. All rulers acknowledge His authority and bring Him gifts. The Lord God has saved His people and brought peace to the world. He is truly the King of Kings and Prince of Peace. Praise God!

We are either for God or against God. Those of us for God are most likely a minority but we are the final victors only because the Lord is faithful to protect His people. Our only hope to prevent our own destruction is to place our faith in Jesus Christ, the Lord God, who rules over all things and can bring peace to our souls and to the nations. Let Him rule in your heart always.

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