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Psalm 8

June 4, 2009

This is one of the most popular psalms in that it has been set to music. It is one of the most meaningful and revealing in that it speaks about the Creator God Almighty.

Its’ message is both simple and profound. If you want to understand and comprehend God’s majesty and glory just stop what you are doing, sit down, and view His creation.

Observe the children playing and infants clinging to their mother’s breasts. Look at their joyous faces, listen to their laughter, and observe their freedom of expression. It’s a form of praise to God. It is opposite and actually opposes the enemies of God, those who refuse to acknowledge Him as Lord God. These children are innocent and haven’t been overtaken with despair, lies, deceit, evil thoughts, adultery, etc. They express the freedom we have in Christ Jesus, the freedom we have because we are out from under the bondage of sin. We trust in the One who created us and who cares for us. Yes, observe the children and see our Creator God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Go outside on a clear night and observe the heavens. See the moon rise, see the sun go down, observe the planets, and just try counting the stars. How many do you count before you begin to realize just who God is; the Creator, awesome, powerful, the One who defines majesty and glory. Consider His work, all He has done. Consider man who was created just a little lower than the angels. Consider the responsibilities God has given man. We have the ability to reason, think, create, and control. We are above the animals, birds, and sea creatures. We have been created to bring glory to His Name. Think on these things. React to what you see with praise to God Almighty.

He is Lord, not man. Jesus Christ is Lord. Acknowledge His power, His glory, and His majesty in all creation and bow down to worship Him, the true God Almighty. Praise His Holy Name. He is majestic indeed.

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