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Psalm 84

June 4, 2009

The writer of this psalm is probably a Levite serving his allotted time of Temple duty as one of its’ doorkeepers. He is probably seeing the Temple built by Solomon for the first time and is in awe of the Lord’s dwelling place.

He describes the Lord’s dwelling as “lovely”. It is a place of peace and beauty. Just being there and walking in the courts gives him a feeling of God’s Presence and he longs to talk directly with God. God’s Presence and His Spirit are there in the Temple. The psalmist notices birds nesting in the small alcoves near the altar in the Holy Place. He sees the activity of nesting, flying, feeding their young, and singing as continuous praise to God.

The psalmist now turns his attention to those who are making a pilgrimage to see the Temple and to worship the Lord God. God is blessing their time and effort to come worship Him. Perhaps the Valley of Baca is an oasis that many pass through to reach Jerusalem. In fact, the pilgrims are given strength resting in this and other oasis on their way to worship God. When they reach the temple courtyards their strength is renewed too just as the psalmist has already expressed.

The psalmist pauses to pray for the king, the Lord’s anointed one. I believe this is Solomon but it could be any of the “good” kings that followed. It all depends on the actual time of writing.

The psalmist then seems to look inward acknowledging that one day before the Lord is better than 1000 years of life in a wicked world. He sees the sun rising in the east shielding the entrance to the Temple with it’s brilliance. He sees the sun setting in the west and the Temple casting shadows over its’ entrance. Nature, the birds, and the sun, aid the psalmists’ understanding of just how good God is to those who love Him. Those who love God and walk in His ways are truly blessed.

God no longer dwells in a Temple of stone. His Temple is now in our hearts for those who love Him and walk in His ways. We too can sense His Presence. We can worship Him where we are. His blessings and goodness in our lives are evidenced daily. He is our shield, our light, our Lord and Savior. We are honored to be in His Presence continuously. We are forever humble before Him. Trust Him and praise Him with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength for God is full of grace, mercy, and goodness.

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