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Psalm 85

June 4, 2009

This psalm has two main divisions. The first, verses 1-7, is in the form of a prayer requesting Israel be restored into favor with the Lord God. The second, verses 8-13, is God’s answer to the prayer.

We don’t know for sure when this was written. Many believe it was written after the exile upon the return of Israel from Babylon. It could even have been written upon Israel’s return from Egypt. For sure it follows some major calamity as a result of the Lord’s discipline for Israel’s sin.

It begins by stating Israel has been restored and forgiven. God is no longer angry with Israel and has changed His robe from that of a judge [black] to that of their Savior [blood stained white]. The psalmists’ prayer is that they will once again be restored and that Israel will once again honor the Lord and rejoice in Him, that once again God will be the God of Israel.

The psalmist pauses to listen to what God says. He, God, promises peace if the people do not return to their wicked ways. He, God, will bring salvation to their nation and will dwell with them once again if Israel will respond by fearing God, worshipping Him and obeying His commandments. God will love them assuming they are faithful. God will give them peace assuming they seek righteousness. If they are faithful, God will see them as righteous. God will once again bless them with abundant harvests. God is righteous and will impute His righteousness to those who fear Him and are faithful to walk in His ways.

The truths expressed in this psalm are national in nature but the same principles apply to individuals. God is in the restoration business. But to be restored we must want to be restored. Unfortunately many of us have to reach rock bottom before we recognize that only God can restore us and we become willing to humble ourselves before His throne and ask forgiveness. To maintain our fellowship we must remain faithful. We must be quick to ask forgiveness when we disobey God’s will and remove God from His rightful throne in our lives. Being faithful to Him and seeking His righteousness brings forth blessings. God cares for His children and provides for their wellbeing. As Christians, we are required to share our blessings with others so they too will experience God’s goodness. So ask God to reveal the condition of your heart, humble yourself before God and ask to be forgiven. God will not only forgive you but He will restore you so as to bring glory to His Name. Enjoy Him. Enjoy His salvation and peace. Enjoy His blessings. Enjoy His righteousness.

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