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Psalm 86

June 4, 2009

This psalm is a prayer of David showcasing his love and devotion to God and acknowledging the character of God toward those who truly seek Him.

David begins by asking God to hear and answer his prayer. David prays to God because he feels afflicted and needy. He first asks God to save his soul, to be gracious to him, and to bestow upon him forgiveness and loving-kindness. David proclaims he trusts in God, that he longs for God, and is calling upon Him. David commits to trusting, longing, and calling on God even on his death bed because there is no one like God who hears and answers the penitent.

David commits to worshiping God all his days and recognizes that at some point in time all the nations will bow before Him and glorify His Name because of God’s wondrous deeds.

David asks God to personally teach him so that he will walk in the truth, will be united in God through the spirit, and will fear His Name. David thanks the Lord for His loving-kindness toward him and for the assurance of his salvation. Thanks be to God.

David recognizes that arrogant and violent men want to kill him because they do not follow God. Even so, God is seen as merciful and slow to anger. David asks God to be gracious to him during this time and to give him strength. David asks God for a sign of God’s goodness and mercy that will bring shame upon those who want to harm him. That sign would be God’s help and comfort in this time of need.

David needs help and is seeking God for assurance that comfort and help is on the way. Regardless, David is assured God will answer and save him now and when he dies. David is living assured and we too can live assured if we call upon the Lord acknowledging His forgiveness of our sin and place our trust in Him. God is gracious, merciful, good, and filled with loving-kindness enabling those who seek Him to glorify His Name. Let God know how you feel. Listen to His answer and rise up assured knowing He cares for you. God is indeed gracious. Seek Him. Trust Him. And praise His Name. God honors those who honor Him.

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