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Psalm 87

June 4, 2009

This psalm proclaims the glory of Jerusalem, the Holy City established by God on Mt. Zion. God began establishing that city during Abraham’s time with Melchizedek as its king and later God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac on Mt. Moriah nearby. It is the City of God established as the capital of Israel during the reign of King David and where King Solomon was allowed to build the Temple as a permanent dwelling place for God. Jerusalem was, is, and will continue to be special to God.

Even people from nations considered to be enemies of Israel and enemies of God will acknowledge God. God will consider them as His people too, grafted into the vine [Israel]. Because they acknowledge the God of Israel, the God who dwells in Zion, the only true God, they are considered as having been born in Zion. They are considered metaphorically as members of Zion on earth but in reality they are citizens of the heavenly Jerusalem.

Verse 7 speaks of fountains  [living water, the Holy Spirit, true fellowship with God] that live in us enabling us to praise and worship God in spirit and truth.

This whole psalm can be considered as a metaphor of what is truth. Heavenly truths are explained using earthly places. We don’t have to live in Zion to be a true citizen of Zion. The true citizens of Zion come from all nations. To fellowship with God requires us to become citizens of Zion. Acknowledge the God of Israel as your God. Place your faith and trust in Jesus Christ, His Son, who died for our sin. Ask God to dwell in the Zion of your heart. Be blessed to overflowing with His living water, the Holy Spirit.

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